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It's easy to take your vision for granted, especially if you don't have underlying visual issues or if you have perfect vision. However, your eyes are one of the most important parts of your body, and it's important to keep them healthy with the help of an optometrist. At Atlantic EyeCare, our mission is to help you see, prevent vision disorders from disrupting your life, and increase the quality of your life by providing the best eye care services in Virginia Beach, VA.

Do I Need to See an Optometrist?

Even if you have perfect vision, it's generally recommended to visit an optometry specialist every year. This ensures you maintain optimal eye health and that you are not suffering from any undiagnosed vision disorders. 

However, if you have pre-existing vision disorders, such as:

  • Amblyopia, or lazy eye
  • Myopia, or nearsightedness
  • Hyperopia, or farsightedness
  • Astigmatism
  • Cataracts
  • Glaucoma

Our eye doctor will assess your condition to determine whether or not you are being affected by any of these conditions and recommend treatment accordingly.

How Can an Optometry Specialist Help?

By visiting our optometrist, you'll be able to find out what exactly is causing your vision disorders. Potential issues include refractive errors, pre-existing medical conditions such as high blood pressure or diabetes, or physical changes in the eye.

Dr. Seim will start with a comprehensive eye exam to determine which of these is causing your visual disturbances, and develop a treatment plan specific to you and your eyes. Treatment options we offer at Atlantic EyeCare include:

  • LASIK eye surgery co-management for a permanent solution to your refractive eye errors
  • Contact lenses to correct refractive errors and change the shape of your lens without the use of glasses
  • Specialty contact lenses
  • Eyeglasses for convenient daily wear
  • Diabetic retinopathy treatment for people with diabetes
  • Cataract surgery management to help you schedule cataract surgery and follow-up care
  • Blepharitis treatment to find the underlying causes of your eyelid inflammation
  • Keratoconus treatment to help manage this progressive disease
  • Dry and red eye treatment

Our eye doctor will assess your condition to determine the combination of eye care services that will benefit you the most.

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