Keratoconus FAQs

Understanding any eye diseases that you may have been diagnosed with is important for management. At Atlantic Eyecare in Virginia Beach, VA, we help detect and treat a variety of eye diseases, such as keratoconus, to preserve your vision. Before visiting us, learn about some frequently asked questions regarding keratoconus below: 


What is Keratoconus?

Keratoconus is an eye disease that changes the normal round shape of the cornea to a bulging cone. Since the cornea is responsible for bending and focusing light, changing its shape means light doesn't focus properly and can lead to blurry vision. In addition, keratoconus can be mild or severe.

What Are Some Symptoms of Keratoconus?

If you have keratoconus, you may experience distorted vision, blurry vision, or double vision when closing one eye and looking through the other. You may also notice halos around lights at night, streaks when you look at bright lights, and ghost images. Some people with the disease are also sensitive to light and have frequent headaches.

What Causes Keratoconus?

Keratoconus occurs when the collagen fibers in the eyes become weak. Free radicals within the body can also contribute to the weakening of the fibers. Along with that, keratoconus can also be caused by genetics or if you rub your eyes frequently. While the specific cause of the disease is unknown, treatment can help slow down the progression.

How Does an Optometrist Diagnose Keratoconus?

When you visit us, our optometrist will perform an eye exam to evaluate your eye health, eye shape, and how well you can see. The results will help us determine an accurate diagnosis and provide you with the necessary treatment for your condition.

How is Keratoconus Treated?

Treatment for keratoconus depends on the severity of the disease. In mild cases, eyeglasses may be able to correct your vision. For more moderate or severe cases, special contact lenses like RGP or scleral lenses are required. Along with this, scleral lenses typically provide clearer vision for more advanced cases.

Contact us for Treatment Today!

If you are experiencing symptoms for keratoconus, let our team at Atlantic Eyecare in Virginia Beach, VA, help. We will evaluate your eyes and develop an individualized treatment plan that can slow down the progression of the disease and help you see more clearly. To learn more about our treatments and to schedule your appointment, call us at (757) 340-7070 today.


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