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When something is wrong with your eyes, it is important to get help right away. At Atlantic EyeCare, Dr. Seim provides a variety of optometry services in Virginia Beach, VA. If you have experienced pain or discomfort caused by these conditions or their symptoms, we are here to help. Let’s look at a few of the eye health conditions that we treat at Atlantic EyeCare.


Glaucoma is a condition in which too much pressure builds in the eye. While eye drops are sometimes used to control glaucoma, some patients may benefit from surgery to relieve this pressure. An early diagnosis of glaucoma can help preserve your eyesight, so seeing an eye doctor for this condition is essential. We provide pre and post-op care for this condition.


Cataracts cloud the lens of the eye. They can diminish your vision gradually and subtly. Getting diagnosed with cataracts means you may need to undergo surgery to implant a new lens. Cataracts can be treated with an eye doctor's help and an early diagnosis can prevent you from losing the ability to see clearly.

Dry Eyes

Dry eyes are uncomfortable and often related to environmental or structural issues. An eye doctor will assess the cause of your dry eyes and find a treatment option that provides comfortable lubrication. Treatment may involve addressing certain environmental concerns, wearing different contact lenses, or using daily eye drops.


Allergies can also impact your comfort. When your eyes are red and watery, you may notice that your vision is severely limited. Our eye doctor can provide you with drops and other resources you can use to protect your eyes from seasonal allergies.

Macular Degeneration

Macular degeneration is a condition in which the central vision is lost. The symptoms of this condition can come on gradually, often resulting in permanent vision loss. Treatment can slow down the progression of this disease and preserve your eyesight, but early intervention is essential.

Eye Trauma and Foreign Bodies

There is often an obvious reason why your eye hurts, but that does not mean you can solve the problem yourself. If you have a foreign body in your eye or you have suffered an injury, an eye doctor needs to assess the damage and safely treat the injury.

Quality Eye Care Services in Virginia Beach, VA

Your eye care needs are important, and you should never ignore symptoms of pain or discomfort. At Atlantic EyeCare, Dr. Seim provides quality eye care services to monitor and maintain your eye health needs. If you are experiencing eye pain or other symptoms, contact our clinic to schedule an appointment for diagnosis and treatment. Call our team today at (757) 340-7070 or reach us through our website by using our online contact form.


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