Cataract Treatment

If your vision is cloudy and driving at night has become difficult, it is time for you to get your eyes checked for cataracts by an optometrist. Your eye doctor will determine what is going and on and suggest different treatment options to help clear up your foggy vision. We have helped many patients with a variety of eye diseases here at Atlantic Eyecare in Virginia beach. We can help you as well.



In order for an eye doctor to properly diagnose cataracts, he or she will ask you about your symptoms. You will also be asked if things look hazy or blurry to you. People with cataracts also find glare from light difficult to endure. An optometrist will run some tests and look closely at your eyes, including the following:

  • Visual acuity test - This test is also known as an eye chart exam. You will be asked to read letters at a distance to determine how sharp your vision is. You will be asked to start with one eye first, then the other. A glare test may also be conducted where the doctor will shine a light in your eye and have you read out the letters.
  • Slit-lamp exam -This test involves the use of a microscope with a bright light attached to it. This enables an eye doctor to closely examine different parts of your eye, such as your cornea and iris.
  • Retinal exam - This test involves the use of eye drops into your eyes to help widen your pupils. This enables the doctor to get a better look at your retina as well as any present cataracts.

Treatment Options

Currently, the only way to treat cataracts is through surgery. However, you may be able to go sometime without it if the problem is caught at an early stage. You may be able to manage temporarily with a new prescription for your glasses. If you are experiencing difficulty with reading, you may be able to use a magnifying glass or a brighter light. For those that have trouble driving at night, you can take advantage of anti-glare coating for your glasses.

Cataract surgery consists of:

  • Small incision surgery - This surgery involves a small cut on your cornea. The cataract is then broken up and removed along with the eye's lens, to then be replaced with an artificial lens.
  • Large-incision surgery - This surgery is uncommon, but is used in patients with larger cataracts. The clouded lenses are taken out during this surgery and replaced with an artificial one.
  • Femtosecond laser surgery - This operation involves the use of a laser to help with breaking up the affected lens.

While we do not perform these surgeries ourselves, our optometrists here at Atlantic Eyecare can help you manage your cataracts until the day you need to finally have them removed. When that day comes, we'll be here to provide you with both a referral to an excellent eye surgeon and post-surgical eye care.

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