Dry Eye Treatments

Dry eyes occur when our eyes do not produce tears in the correct quantity or quality, or they drain from our eyes too quickly. Dry eye symptoms can include stinging in our eyes, blurry vision, redness, and sensitivity to light. Atlantic Eyecare in Virginia Beach, VA, can provide dry eye treatment and keep your eyes healthy and vision strong. Continue reading to learn more about dry eye and how an optometrist near you can treat it.

Dry eye treatment

Diagnosing Dry Eyes

Dry eyes can occur due to several factors, including aging, diseases, eye allergies, medication side effects, infrequent blinking, and contact lens complications. These can cause eye irritation and dryness, a stinging sensation, and sensitivity to light.

There are numerous tests your eye doctor can perform to determine the nature and severity of your dry or itchy eyes. Some tests measure the volume of tears, while others assess tear quality. Your eye doctor will determine the cause of your dry eyes and develop a treatment plan based on the eye exam and diagnostic tests.

Treating Dry Eyes

Your eye doctor can offer several treatment plans to help manage your dry eyes, such as self-care tips, medications, contact lenses, punctal plugs, and surgery if needed.

You can sometimes treat dry eye symptoms through self-care, over-the-counter eye drops, or lifestyle changes. Regularly using nonprescription artificial tears or ointments, washing your eyes, and treating them with diluted baby shampoo are beneficial self-care treatments for dry eyes. Your eye doctor can educate you on self-care practices or lifestyle changes to reduce dry eye symptoms.

Dry eye treatment using medications can include antibiotics, prescription eye drops, or small inserts placed under the eyelids that release lubricant and dissolve during the day. You can take other medications orally or as nasal sprays to promote tear production or provide other benefits.

Contact lenses can occasionally cause dry eye symptoms. Switching contact lenses to ones that trap moisture and promote lubrication can help manage dry eyes. Your optometrist near you can help determine which contact lenses best suit your needs.

Another dry eye treatment option involves your eye doctor inserting tiny plugs into your tear ducts to prevent them from draining the tears from your eyes. Punctal plugs can keep the eye’s surface moist and relieve itchy eyes.

Your eye’s physical structure can be the cause of your dry eye symptoms. Your eye doctor can recommend a specialized surgeon to reshape your eyelids and prevent dry eye symptoms.

Get Treatment for Your Dye Eyes at Atlantic Eyecare in Virginia Beach, VA

Dry eye symptoms can make your day-to-day life unpleasant and challenging, so contact Atlantic Eyecare in Virginia Beach, VA, to get dry eye treatment today. Call us and schedule an eye exam at (757) 340-7070 . We can help keep your eyes healthy and your vision strong.


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