Eye Allergy Relief from Our Optometrist in Virginia Beach, VA

Spring and summer are seasons many people look forward to, but for people with seasonal eye allergies, the warmer months can bring a lot of frustration, too. Of course, eye allergies can pop up at any time of year. When they do, our optometrist team in Virginia Beach, VA will be there to help!

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What Are Eye Allergies?

An allergy is an excessive response from your body's immune system to something in your environment that doesn't typically cause problems in other people. We don't always know why eye allergies develop, but when they do, they can lead to telltale symptoms like:

  • Eye redness
  • Eye itchiness
  • Swelling and puffiness around the eyelids
  • Blurry vision
  • Increased sensitivity to bright lights
  • Watery discharge from the eyes which may dry out and leave a crusty residue on the eyelashes and eyelids

Eye allergies often co-occur with other symptoms like sneezing, a runny nose, or itchy throat. The most common triggers (or allergens) of an eye allergy include pollen, pet dander, smoke, and cosmetic products. Other factors, including weather and food, may worsen your eye allergy symptoms. 

How Our Virginia Beach Eye Doctor Treats Eye Allergies

If you have eye allergies, you know how distracting your symptoms can be. Fortunately, our Virginia Beach eye doctor offers a range of treatments that can alleviate your symptoms and improve your eye health. For fast and long-acting eye allergy relief, you might benefit from:

  • Eyeglasses instead of contact lenses (we can update your prescription and even offer prescription sunglasses, too)
  • Lifestyle counseling and behavioral modifications, such as avoiding the outdoors and shutting windows on high pollen count days, regularly vacuuming your home, washing your hair at night, not touching or rubbing your eyes, and practicing good hand hygiene
  • Oral or eye dropper medications to reduce symptoms and control the immune system response

Our eye doctor is happy to collaborate with other members of your medical team to ensure that you have the most comprehensive and customized solution to your eye allergy symptoms. 

Are Eye Allergies Disrupting Your Day?

If you live near Virginia Beach, VA and are looking for an eye doctor who can help you find effective solutions to your irritating eye allergies, contact Atlantic EyeCare today at (757) 340-7070 to schedule an appointment with our optometrist, Dr. Robert Seim. 


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