Hard To Fit Contacts FAQs

Hard-to-Fit Contacts FAQs Answered by Our Virginia Beach, VA Optometrist

Atlantic EyeCare in Virginia Beach, VA and the nearby region, is a search result for "eye doctor near me." We can provide you access to various contact lenses, including hard-to-fit ones. Let's discuss the answers to frequently asked questions about these contacts to determine if they could be for you and when, if needed.

Hard To Fit Contacts FAQs

What Classifies as a Hard-to-Fit Contact?

Hard-to-fit lenses are for people with specific eye issues, such as keratoconus. For example, if you have presbyopia and require contacts up close and far away, they would be considered hard to fit. People with moderate to severe astigmatism may benefit from a pair of toric lenses or ones specifically for astigmatism.

How Do You Determine if Someone Needs Hard-to-Fit Contacts?

Before determining if you need this contact lens, our optometry specialist will conduct an eye exam to check your vision. We'll also perform an eye health exam, which can help our practitioner decide if contacts are safe for you or if you need a fantastic variety.

Through this information, our practitioner can decide if you need hard-to-fit contacts. This decision is also the portion of your exam when our eye doctor figures out your prescription.

What Is the Fitting Like for Hard-to-Fit Contacts?

Unless you receive rigid gas-permeable lenses through an Ortho-K fitting, fitting for hard-to-fit contacts is the same. Next, you look into a machine that gathers information about your eye size. Based on this information and what our practitioner learned about your vision from the last portion of the exam, we can determine the size and prescription of contacts for you.

On the other hand, if you receive rigid gas-permeable lenses, you'll undergo a more extensive fitting that gathers more information about your eyes. The purpose is that these are contacts you sleep in, so they need to be more comfortable than a standard pair of contacts.

Can Someone Tell if They Need Hard to Fit Contacts Without an Exam?

You need to know why you have severe astigmatism or other similar conditions to tell on your own if you need these lenses. Yet, the only way to tell is through a comprehensive eye exam.

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