Eye Injuries

An eye injury can be any scratch, bruise, or puncture to the eye. Many injuries occur from an accident or exposure to a foreign body or chemicals. Some injuries can heal on their own with rest and at-home treatment. However, other injuries can be more serious and require medical attention. If you think you have an eye injury and live in the Virginia Beach, VA area, visit our optometrist at Atlantic Eyecare.

Eye Injuries

What Are Common Eye Injuries?

Some common eye injuries may require you to receive eye care services. A black eye occurs when there has been some trauma to the eye or tissue that surrounds it. The eye may be swollen, bruised, and painful. In addition, you may see a cut on the eye, and it may impact vision.

Bleeding in the eye may happen when you get trauma to the eye. This condition may manifest as the surface of the eye starting to bleed. This causes blood appears on the white part of the eye.

You may also have an injury on the cornea. You may want to seek treatment from an eye doctor if you have a corneal abrasion. This can occur when an object, such as a fingernail or contact lens, scratches the cornea. These scratches can cause your eye to water, pain, and light sensitivity. They may get infected if left untreated so seeing an optometrist can be important.

What Are the Symptoms of an Eye Injury?

If you have of these symptoms, consider visiting an “eye doctor near me.” You may have swelling and pain. Your eye may feel sensitive to the touch or hurt when you open and close it. If you have changes to your vision, like a large number of flashes of light or floaters, you should visit a doctor of optometry. Double vision and blurriness are also indicators that you may need to visit an eye doctor. You may notice that you have difficulty moving your eyes, or one moves independently of the other. If you notice your eyes look different, it may be a good idea to visit an optometrist in Virginia Beach.

Choose Our Eye Care Services from Atlantic Eyecare for Help Removing a Foreign Body

We provide reliable eye care to the Virginia Beach, VA, area. We know you only get one set of eyes, and they are important. Your eye care is as important to us as it is to you. We provide care for you and your eyes with the help of an “eye doctor near me.” Once our optometrist in Virginia Beach assesses your situation, we will discuss all your options and ensure you are comfortable and understand them. Contact us to schedule an exam and help you get back to better vision. Call us at (757) 340-7070 for help from our optometry office. We at Atlantic Eyecare are here to help.


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