Pediatric Eye Exams

If you've been searching for an "eye doctor near me" that can take care of your child, look no further than us at Atlantic EyeCare in Virginia Beach, VA. Our eye doctor, Dr. Seim, is an optometrist Virginia Beach residents can benefit from. His training in optometry and treating children make him a good choice to provide eye care services to your child.

Pediatric Eye Exams

Dr. Seim can start by performing a full pediatric eye exam on your child. This can allow him to learn whether your child needs further eye care services. 

Read on to learn more about our pediatric optometry exams.

The Pediatric Exam Process

Here is how a pediatric eye exam might go at our office:

Consultation with Our Optometrist

At the beginning of the appointment, Dr. Seim will ask you and your child some questions. He will ask you whether you have a family history of eye health or vision problems. After speaking with you, our eye doctor will ask your child if he has been having any vision or eye health problems. 

Vision & Eye Function Testing

Dr. Seim may conduct several vision and eye function tests. The vision tests he does might include having your child read a wall chart and having them look at a reading chart. If your child shows signs of having a vision problem, our optometrist will do some further tests. This will help him choose the right prescription contacts or glasses for your child. We carry contacts and glasses at our clinic, so your child will be able to get the vision correction they need without having to see another eye doctor.

Our eye doctor might also perform several eye function tests. These tests may include depth perception and peripheral vision checks. Dr. Seim might also check your child's color vision to ensure that he does not suffer from colorblindness.  

Eye Health Examination

Perhaps the most important part of your child's initial appointment is the eye health exam. Dr. Seim might use light and magnification to closely inspect your child's eyes. He may also dilate his pupils. Our eye doctor will be looking for signs of serious eye health problems like cataracts or macular degeneration. 

Visit Us for More Information

If you've been searching for an "eye doctor near me," your search is over. Dr. Seim is our optometrist Virginia Beach residents can benefit from. Not only can he diagnose any vision or eye health problems your child may be having, but he can also treat them effectively. Make an appointment today for a pediatric eye exam at Atlantic EyeCare in Virginia Beach, VA. Call us at (757) 340-7070 for more information.


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