Eye Exams

Your eyes an important part of your overall health. At Atlantic Eyecare in Virginia Beach, VA, we provide eye exams to learn more about your eye health and provide treatments that can help you see more clearly. Before visiting us, learn more about these exams below:

Eye Exams

Types of Exams

There is an array of exam types offered at Atlantic Eyecare. For instance, some of the more common ones are the following:

•           General — A general eye exam is for those who do not fall under the category of pediatric or senior. These exams are administered in order to uncover various issues that are common among the average person.

•           Pediatric — These eye exams are given to younger patients. They are most often given in order to check vision, in general. However, if an issue has been detected, they may be used to check for other potential vision issues.

•           Senior — Senior exams are given to aging adults. In addition to checking normal vision issues, these exams are meant to screen for declines in vision as well as vision issues that commonly affect the elderly, such as glaucoma, cataracts, and more.

•           Diabetic — An eye exam meant to test for an eye disorder related to diabetes (known as diabetic retinopathy), diabetic exams are administered by using drops that either widen or dilate the pupils.

Treatment for Dry Eye

If you have eyes that are itchy, red, and easily become inflamed, you may have dry eye syndrome. Rather than dealing with unskilled optometrists who may be struggling to fully understand your condition, a qualified specialist can easily diagnose your condition and help you begin recovery at once. By visiting our optometry, you will automatically have the advantage of having the input of an eye doctor who is skilled in treating such ailments.

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At Atlantic Eyecare in Virginia Beach, VA, we provide a variety of services, including eye exams, to improve your vision. To learn more about these exams or to scheidlie your appointment, contact us at (757) 340-7070 today.


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